For solventless adhesives.

Nordmeccanica’s SIMPLEX range is the most complete on the market, it is in fact designed for all types of processing requirements from the basic Simplex SL to the totally automatic Triplex Compact SL which incorporates three layers of material coated with solventless adhesive which can be laminated in one single process.

solvent or water based adhesives and coatings

The Combi range offers the greatest processing flexibility, thanks to the drying system and the highly reliable technology developed by Nordmeccanica for its interchangeable coating heads.

When the Combi model is equipped with the special coating head, it is possible to:
- Produce laminated sheets by means of both dry and wet processing
- Use adhesives or coatings, both water-based and solvent-based
- Apply "Cold Seal" adhesives for register printing on pre-printed reels
- Laminate materials with the use of "solventless" adhesives.

These machines can be configured to laminate up to 5 layers in one single pass.
The technology applied to the drying ovens includes two versions:
1. Vertical structure, extremely compact and reliable.
2. Horizontal structure, offering an optimum quality and performance ratio.