• OPTIMEX    blown film line

• FILMATIC    S, M, R, T, TX & ASK Winders

• VAREX       blown film line

For many years W&H have sought to develop the best quality available for the flexible packaging market.

In fact in order to develop the printing process it was necessary to produce an extrusion line to ensure optimum quality film, so the VAREX was created.

VAREX or variable extruder is versatile and is capable of producing the highest quality films from all available blown grade material.


Prime materials PP, PE – LD, PE – HD, PE-LLD, PA, EVOH, EVA
Extruders 50 – 150 (mm)
Layers 1 – 9
Max. Line speed 200 (m/min.)
Line width 800 – 3300 (mm.)